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Seven secret things you need to know about Black Coffee

Black coffe is the world most known dj he he specialises in eletro house and house music he has worked with alot of overseas artists.

These are the seven facts you need to know about him

1.He started his music career at the age of 16

Black coffee known as siyabonga maphumulo started his music journey at the age of 16 ,he says he knew nothing about mixing and making music at that time but he was so passionate and driven to succeed in his career.when he first started his career he was still in high school he learnt how to dj when he wemt to a club close to where he stayed,he says this dj used to teach him bit by bit until he had the feel of it.

2.He was the first South african dj to enter the Redbull academy

in 2003 black coffee was selected amongst manny djs accross the globe to participate in the redbull music academy,this is still a dream for manny djs and they also wish one day they get the same chamce as Dj Black coffee,it was after this time that the world started to recognise him more and adore his work.

3.He doesnt drink or smoke

Dj black coffee said he doesnt drink alcohol or smoke he is only in the club to make money and do his thing.He has never touched a cigerrete in his entire lifehood and he hopes to remain as he is.

4.He owns a house oversees

Dj black coffee doesnt only live in S.A but he also has a house in the usa,he once posted a launch of his house party where even julius malema and drake had attended in his home in usa,black coffee baught a house in usa because he felt he needed a residency when hes away on overseas tours

5.He lost his arm before he started his career

Dj black coffe only lost his arm as a teenage boy,he says it was during the release of Nelson Mandela when everyone was celebrating the good news that a taxi was moving so fast that it knowcked him and injured his arm nerves.He says that even though he had one arm working well he never lost hope in his dreams he kept on pushing just as if he had two hands.

6.He is an interior designer as well

The dj is also enroled as a professional interior designer,he saya that he not only loves music but he is also a fan of material and art,he has his own inerior works in his bedroom where he designed everything and made it a reality to live in.

7.He recently got divorced

black coffee recently got divorced to enhle mbali,the couple werw believed to have a hard time in their relationship which led to them being seperated for long term

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