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Latest News: Should Bongz allow AKA to his daughter life

Bongz does not trust AKA


Sources: Mzansi Lit Twitter page

Things have been very tense between Dj Zinhle's boyfriend and her former boyfriend AKA. It has been reported that AKA wants to be part of Zinhle's daughter life who her name is Asante. Bongz does not feel good about it because AKA once had a relationship with Zinhle, and of course he fears that Zinhle and AKA may be too close again. I mean there is nothing wrong if he feels that way, but he is a grown man and he should trust his woman to be around AKA.

Bongz may be jealous seeing Zinhle with AKA but this will be the new normal thing to their life. They both have babies with Zinhle and some how they need to prioritize and seeing each other now and then. AKA is close to her daughter and it will be hard for him not to look after Asante who is Kairo's baby sister. Bongz fears the worst. We do not know what really happens when Zinhle is around AKA, maybe there is something that makes him not to feel easy about having AKA around. Bongz is already part of Kairo's life then he should give AKA a chance too.

AKA is not a bad father to Kairo, and i am definitely sure that he will also be a good step father to baby Asante. If Bongz's feeling do not allow him to let AKA into Asante's life then Zinhle and AKA should respect his decision. That will result to a bad relationship to the young sisters Kairo and Asante. Bongz should know that when Asante grows up she will have a strong relationship with Kairo, and he should not stop that now he should let AKA be free around these two children

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