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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Exposes Racism That Happened in British Royal Household (Opinion)

It's been a windy year for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. The much loved couple who stepped down from royal duties in January 2020 following strong pressure from United Kingdom half size newspaper articles. The couple have since moved to the United States and set up a new life with their son, Archie. Harry and Meghan have since kept quiet for the most part but controversy were continuing to follow them. In a move that was never thought of, the couple who are officially cut off from the royal family on 22 February did sit down with United States Talk Show host Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Harry said to Oprah, as an adult who lived a really independent life to then go into this way of life which is total different than what people imagine it to be. He said it is really liberating to to be able to have the right and privilege's some how to be able to say how he is now ready to talk. Oprah told the couple that there are some pretty shocking things they have talked about on her show. They had discussed racism within the most respected Kingdom, the feud between royal wives and some suicidal thoughts Meghan had suffered. Lastly and why Harry family cut him off financially.

Here is the reason why Meghan's child Archie did not receive a royal title; There's been lot of guessing as to why Archie did not get a title from the queen. There were some reasoning that Harry and Meghan refused a title for the royal born on 6 March 2019. Meghan cleared those rumors in the interview by saying, they didn't want their child to be called a prince or princess not knowing what the gender of the child would be, which would be different from the protocol of royal family so the child could not be given or receive security.

She further narrated that in those months when she was pregnant, she was just thinking that her child could not have security, not gonna be given a title and talks about how dark the child skin would be when he is born. Meghan did not tell Oprah who was behind such utterances within the royal family, she believed that if she reveals such information it would damage them. Even Prince Harry said he will never gonna share such critical information since he is not comfortable with it at all.

When Meghan was pregnant with her son Archie, she said she fought with suicidal thoughts. She actually did not want to be alive anymore. She said that it was very clear and real and a scary thought that was ruling her mind but she recalled how her husband comforted her. The 39 year old mother who is expecting her second child which is a girl this time around. Meghan shared the good news with the talk show host. Meghan also revealed that she went to seniors in the institution to ask for help just as Diana did, she was relating this story to the story of an HR scandal form 2018. Prince Harry commented like this when it comes to media following her, his biggest concern was that history could repeat itself and he have said this before on many interviews and publicly. He then said he saw history repeating itself but more dangerously this time because it involves race and when you add social media.

Prince Harry also made it clear that his family knew about his plans to step away from Royal duties as his father had stopped taking his calls. Actually his father wanted him to write everything down about his future plans. He then decided to take matters on his hands since no one wanted to listen to him and what he was doing it was to protect his family from any harm they sustain within the family or outside. Meghan explained why there was a feud between her and Kate Middleton. She said it all started with how flower girls should dress and it did not sit well with her since it was her marriage not Kate's marriage. According to Meghan, Kate did apologized hence she did not disclosed much on this issue. Meghan confirmed that Harry took the decision to step away from royal duties not because of her influence but for the safety of their family. Even though many people believed that it was because of her that ended up Harry taking a historical unusual decision.

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