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Makhadzi Shared Her Favourite Breakfast Meal And It's Not What People Expected

One of the most famous individuals in the world shared a picture of the meal she had just cooked for herself on social media, and the comments area quickly became a heated debate. 

Aside from being a platinum-selling artist, Makhadzi is also a young, successful, and black businesswoman. She has millions of Rands in the bank, but as she recently proved on Twitter, it doesn't mean she's going to change her splurging ways. She published a snapshot of a breakfast she made herself on Twitter, which consisted solely of hard porridge and scrambled eggs, but people believed that because she is Makhadzi and is now in the UK, she would be eating an exquisite breakfast from a five-star hotel. 

This is done so that people's food intake is not based on their financial circumstances. Still, they eat because they like doing so. Those who, say, enjoy kota will keep doing so even if they go on to earn a million dollars at work or university. 

That Makhadzi still feeds her pap with eggs and poultry is glaringly obvious. Cooking the eggs for this recipe requires little more than warming some oil over low heat. 

Her social media accounts couldn't contain their excitement over this sight, and she tweeted about it. The caption read, "I finally managed to cook my favorite breakfast, the only thing missing is Atchar." 

instantly attracting a large audience, and receiving a respectable 138 retweets, 41 Qoute tweets, and a staggering 2,984 likes as of this writing.


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