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Idols SA : The contestants send us down memory lane as Zahara guest judges

This week on Idols I felt the most nostalgia than I have ever felt in recent years. I was off of my my seat, singing and crooning alongside the contestants as they sang for their lives. I do believe for most of them it was their best performances so far in the competition. It can only mean the best is yet to come.

The guest judge for this week was Zahara and despite loving her work and music, I didn't feel like she was a good fit to be a judge on the show. It was not because of the clear language barrier between her and the contestants but more that she didn't seem to be able to give constructive criticism or positive criticism. It felt like she was a fan like us, and was struggling to figure out what to think or say.

However despite this there some stand out performances tonight that will remain etched on my mind for a long time:


I've said it before and I'll say it again. She has the best energy and the best voice. She takes over that stage and powerhouses through any song she's given without losing who she is. This week she sang Paradise Road by Joy and she nailed it!


Berry chose Freshly Ground from the hat and she sand I'd Like. It was a risky song choice because of those high notes but Berry stepped over them like they werent a problem. She definitely impressed Randall who had been negative the last few weeks about her.


This week Kevin sang Nguwe by Malaika. I was worried about him singing something slower and more ofna ballad but I didn't need to be. He sang that song with so much depth and ease. He made it his own enough that it was still recognizable but very rejuvenated.

Daylin Sass

He sang Steve Kekana's Take your love and keep it. It was one of the most beautiful renditions of the song. He did it justice and then some. Unathi even suggested he make his own version of it for streaming and I agree! It was stunningly done.

All in all, tonight's theme was a great one. The iconic South African artists would have been proud of what was done with their art.

S'22kile, Nqobie and Sia also had beautiful performances and are hoping for your vote. Bulelani however is not. He was sent home this week.

I can't wait to start voting for my fave. Are you voting?

What did you think of this weeks performances?

Thank you for reading!

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