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Vuyo Dabula has captivated audiences in films and on television for years, including Africa's first original Netflix series, Queen Sono. He has inspired many with his immaculate fitness program, in addition to his acting talents.

He tells us about his fitness journey.

My highly athletic father and my mother, who loves running and eating well, instilled in me a passion for fitness from a young age. International action icons like Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude van Damme, and Sylvester Stallone impacted me as a young child.

I became pretty thin and was frequently body shamed. As a result, I created a fighter persona that I used to play for myself regularly. To warm up, I run approximately 10-15 kilometers on the treadmill for about an hour. After warming up, I do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is a series of hard workouts separated by 10-30 seconds of recovery. If I have employment, I go to work after the workout. In the evening, I'll concentrate on a single muscle group. Leg day consists of workouts that targets my hamstrings, thighs, calves, and other muscles. The next day, I could do an ab exercise on my stomach or focus on my arms. I'll also perform lower-intensity workouts on Saturdays and Sundays.

Diet is crucial. I eat frequently but in little quantities throughout the day. Beans and darker vegetables, for example, are abundant in protein. I make sure I consume less calories than I burn.

Despite my demanding schedule, I strive to keep a sense of balance in my life. I occasionally have to shoot two distinct shows at the same time. For example, I was simultaneously filming Queen Sono and Generations: The Legacy (both on SABC 1). It's critical to prioritize at these times since I need to be able to workout, spend time with my family, and deliver at work.

I'm fortunate to have a loving family and close friends that understand my hectic schedule. But I must find time for my loved ones while still being able to [go to] the gym and perform.

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