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Jub -Jub Career About To Hit Rock As His Ex-Lover Declares He Did The Unthinkable To Her

Believe it or not, Jub Jub career may hit rock as more and more women are now coming out to attack him on social media and even calling for his immediate arrest after his ex-lover revealed that he molested, abused and even raped her. In a video she released via her social media handle, she lamented how horrible Jub Jub treated her, saying that raping a woman is not smashing. A popular media group reported that, “My side- I was raped and physically abused by Jub Jub. The only thing I did wrong was keep quiet. That ends here. GBV is absolutely unacceptable!! I will not be publicly ridiculed by a criminal! Rape is not smashing. Time we deal with this demon” Amanda said on social media. Several women have joined to sympathize with her, vowing that Jub Jub will never go unpunished. She noted that Jub Jub cannot destroy the name she built over the years, saying that she will fight on.

While some men are saying that the rape allegation may not be true, needless to say that numerous women have already believed her. The argument people are using to attack her is, why did she have to wait for such a long time before coming out to lay these accusations against Jub Jub. Some men also urged their fellow men to be careful and weary of some women because one allegation from them will put the life of the man in jeopardy. They noted that a 30 seconds video clip from a woman, shedding fake tears can land a man in jail, as men encourage themselves to stay off women that can land them in serious problems. They lamented that this serious allegations against Jub Jub may affect his career and who knows, it might not even be true. Furthermore, they noted that she never filed any case against Jub Jub which is why they are doubting her sincerity. The case has gone wide on social media and is currently trending. 

Furthermore, Amanda du-Pont, a Swazi-born South African actress, model and television host, says she was “raped, physically and emotionally abused by Jub Jub" Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, a SA media personality and Hip Hop artist and TV host of popular shows such as Uyajola 9/9 and others. Will this open another dramatic chapter in the life of Jub Jub? Well, South Africa sit with their arms crossed as they wait for the turn out of events. 

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