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JubJub in hot water after Mzansi angered by what he did on yesterday episode

Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, better known by his stage name Jub, is a South African performer, unscripted tv star, and money manager who is most popular for his diligent effort. The VIP rose to acclaim in 2006, on account of the accomplishment of his collection, which assisted him with acquiring broad acknowledgment. Be that as it may, in 2010, the truth star was captured for causing the passing of an understudy in a fender bender. Subsequent to being seen as blameworthy of homicide and driving affected by medications and liquor, the performer went through almost 10 years in jail in the wake of being sentenced for the wrongdoing. 

Jub, then again, has completely changed since he was delivered and has communicated lament to the group of the dead for his activities. uyajola99, another unscripted tv show facilitated by the craftsman, will debut in 2019. Fully intent on exploring deceiving mates who are being traitorous to their accomplices, the unscripted TV drama was dispatched. Following the show's creation, numerous watchers experienced passionate feelings for the two his introducing capacities and the actual show. 

The unscripted TV drama was one of the most famous in the country, with a huge number of watchers tuning in. Many individuals partook in the show since they guarantee it is very engaging while additionally uncovering reality to the individuals who are being betrayed by their mates or partners.However, individuals have seen that Jub has gotten presumptuous and has been terrible to late interviewees as of late. 

After the previous scene, by far most of South Africans were disinterested. Many individuals have called Jub to advise him to quit being inconsiderate and pompous during the meetings. Jub has not reacted. Jub was impolite to the one who was included yesterday and has been cautioned by numerous that on the off chance that he proceeds in his present conduct, he will be called to be supplanted by Moja love with another moderator. Nobody has the right to be treated in the way where Jub treats the one who was highlighted yesterday. 

It is conceivable that most of South Africans are alarmed by his angry mentality and the way wherein he behaves of late. He has been told by others that he should keep his own interests at home and not carry them into the working environment. 

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