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Khanyi Mbau turned into a laughing stock after The Twitter president compared Her to Bonang Matheba

Khanyisile Mbau is a well-known performer and actress in South Africa. She is also a television personality. Khanyi Mbau is her stage name, however she was born on October 15, 1985. However, she is most generally known by her stage name. Mbau rose to widespread prominence and became a household name as the second Doobsie in the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) soap opera Muvhango (2004-2005);[3] as Mbali in the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) soap opera Mzansi and SABC 1's mini-series After Nine. [Citation needed] Mbau rose to widespread prominence and became a household name as the second Doobsie in the SABC soap opera Muv Soweto is where Mbau spent his entire childhood.

Khanyi Mbau is currently the most busy person in Mzansi due to the fact that she is expected to appear in a lot of events and also needs to travel to Dubai to visit her spouse. In spite of the fact that she makes an effort to handle everything, it would appear that she is having difficulty multitasking due to the fact that her new program, Young and Famous, is so time-consuming. [Case in point:]

It would appear that the president of Twitter has been watching episodes of the famously young sitcom that has just lately started airing on Netflix. He did not give the impression of being pleased with Khanyi's Weave. According to the president of Twitter, if Netflix had cast her instead of Khanyi, they would have done a better job since her weaves are silky and authentic, but Khanyi wears weaves that are artificial. As a result, Netflix cast Khanyi.

The CEO of Twitter made the decision to write about Khanyi's blue weave on the very first episode because he was dissatisfied with the way it looked in that episode. He continued by asserting that people in the United States will never stop making fun of South African ladies because of their weaves. The program highlighted Khanyi's blue weave, which was included in the show. In addition to that, he made an attempt to embarrass Khanyi by stating that the weaving on her headpiece is similar to the fur that Simba wore in "The Lion King."

In his article, he made the following assertion: "If Bonang Matheba was in the Young & Famous show, Americans would not pull South African huns like that." [Citation needed] The weaves that Bonang wears are just incredible in terms of how silky and smooth they are!!! Bathi lezi zabo Khanyi Mbau Ngathi u Simba from Lion King 🦁 😭😭💔"

However, the Twitter President was not finished, as he went on to share a picmix of Khanyi and Bonang Matheba, alleging that Khanyi is wearing iweave yo mudubulo and Bonang is wearing a genuine weave. The picture was posted on Khanyi's Twitter account ( fake one).

The Twitter President went out of his way to include Lasizwe in this conversation because he knows that Lasizwe typically dominates the competition with his weaves on both YouTube and TikTok. The President of Twitter continued by asserting that their family is a fraud on account of the fact that their son does not borrow genuine weaves from friends or family members.

People in South Africa challenged Khanyi with the claim that despite the fact that she is fairly wealthy, she still dresses in Indian weaves as a result of having seen all of those memes and tweets. Others were providing evidence that the Twitter president was correct in his assertions by posting offensive memes, laughing at Bonang, and sharing flattering images of Bonang at the same time.

Others made fun of her, implying that the only thing she was good at was acting out sex scenes rather than doing her hair and makeup. Others continued to grill her about it. You can tell how seriously people in Mzansi take the challenge of grilling khanyi by looking at the comments that have been posted below:

I'm interested to hear your take on the matter at issue, what are your thoughts? Don't forget to jot down your thoughts and share them in the comment section after you've done so.


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