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Meet the Skull of Edward Mordrake, a man born with a second face on the head

Source: Twitter

Edward Mordrake, who was the man actually born with two faces is one man who is well known by different people in different countries especially because of his special abilities.

However although Edwards could not speak full words the face at the back would actually make strange faces, laugh and cry without his own control.

On the picture is the skull of this man that shows how he was structurally made, and this is a man a lot of people wanted to know about especially because he had special needs.

This man was one special kind of a man who represented that God can actually make different people in different worlds.

Many people would have question like how this man would live, but this man was actually living like a normal human being, as he was able to move and do all things that other people do.

The only special thing was just the fact that he had a face at the back of his head.

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Edward Mordrake Edwards


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