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Mzansi Calling Makhumalo To Leave Musa Mseleku With Immediate Effect In #Uthandonesthembu After This

Mzansi Calling Makhumalo To Leave Musa Mseleku With Immediate Effect In #Uthandonesthembu 

Source: Hashtag #Uthandonesthembu Twitter page

Source: Hashtag #Mzansi Magic Twitter page

RT or LIKE if you're also happy to see MaKhumalo getting the recognition she deserves for being a great mother. The relationship between MaKhumalo and Mpilo is amazing maan. Well done to MaKhumalo for loving and raising umpilo....may the almighty bless them.

Musa's wives are aware that Musa is still cheating not only with the "new Makhumalo" but with other girls as well and they are all okay with that. I give up..woman will tolerate everything just to have that " soft life". It sad that Makhumalo has to sacrifice her happiness just to be Musa's wife. Makhumalo refused to give him his blessings. He knows what he need to to if he want to marry from the Khumalo's again. Makhumalo said that Musa need to consult with her whether she gives them her blessings or not and that he cannot marry without consulting her.

Makhumalo deserves a man who will give her undevided attention not a big Sthembu family , where there is always fightings and moods. Bathong when does Musa entertain these new women? Already dealing with 4 and now another one. On top of other wives,You have to worry about girlfriends.

Two things #Mseleku got it wrong.

1. He allowed #Mamkhulu to bully other wives.

2. He spoke infront of other wives that he knows Mamkhulu won't leave him and will always stand by him. As things stands #Mamkhulu is the Commander In Chief 

I pray God grants maKhumalo an opportunity to have her biological children. She acts tough and strong but you can see this is destroying her. When the time is right the Lord will make it happen Makhumalo. I believe that her day is coming that God will bless her abundant.

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