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DJ Tira's Wife Causes Drama At Nelli Tembe's Funeral, She Got Attacked For Breaking Tradition

One aspect that humans have associated DJ Tira's wife Gugu Khathi with is drama and that might be because of all of the things that have been said about her.


You might remember this, there was a few incident wherein Gugu, allegedly assaulted someone and this may imply that human beings have already got a certain belief about her.

So, what befell here is that DJ Tira and spouse, Gugu went to AKA's fiancée Nelli Tembe's funeral the day gone by. And as you might realize, not anything goes ignored on Twitter, they saw that Gugu did some thing uncommon.

It seems that Gugu turned into carrying trousers, rather than a get dressed, this without delay precipitated a stir after a few humans tweeted approximately how disrespectful she was for doing that.


Now, in line with a lot of people's customs and traditions in South Africa, girls are anticipated no longer to wear trousers at funerals, this is a signal of respect.

A lot of human beings have visible it irrelevant for a female to wear trousers at a funeral, then again, there are those who argued that instances have changed, we no longer do matters the manner we used to.

This complete subject matter possibly had a whole lot of people curious, but there had been folks that were firm on what they had been announcing, they were simply no longer thrilled that Gugu had gone to a funeral, sporting trousers.

There were just blended reactions, however, a whole lot of people seemed keen to paste to how matters should be in relation to way of life.

They have been simply attacking Gugu on Twitter, with some going as far as pronouncing that we're a misplaced era and we ought to no longer change because the instances are changing.

Then there was a question that turned into posed to DJ Tira, someone requested him, how is it that he allow his wife go to a funeral, wearing trousers. And maybe the question is, might Gugu have worn trousers if she turned into going to her in-legal guidelines' residence?

This is any other query that came up and it looks like this conversation will preserve on going for some time, you understand how social media may be.


This is one topic with the intention to probably cause plenty of backward and forward, given how deep it may be, they might argue and still discover no commonplace floor after the whole thing. What do you reflect onconsideration on this?

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