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Izangoma Zodumo: Rainbow cakes and a waterfall cleansing in the season premiere

I'm a new viewer for Izangoma Zodumo and I had no idea what to expect from the show. I've seen glimpses and trailers of the show but if I'm being honest, I was expecting something far more sensationalized. But instead I got parents who love their children and sangoma's who love their gift. That makes good television to me.

We got to see Gogo Maweni, interact with her children and fiance, Sabelo Mgube and the gentleness she applied with each connection. We also watched Mkhulu interact with his wife, Pearl Mzimela, who is a healer too.

I think through lots of hearsay and unsubstantiated myths I've always assumed that sangoma's or even just traditional people inherently, don't have the capacity for healthy relationships or that what they do involves darkness.

It was a belief of mine that I held in close regard but due to the increase of shows that give us an inside look, I am no longer ignorant. I can see now that the spiritual world is more complex than anything I've ever experienced in my own life and more fulfilling.

Sabelo Sifundza, or Mkhulu rather, was vastly different from Gogo Maweni but I did see some similarities, in the way he cares for his child. They had such an adorable moment and you could tell their connection is beautiful. She was even crying when he left to spiritual cleanse the young lady he was with.

The waterfall moment was hard to watch for me personally. It brought about a feeling of envy. I wanted it to be me. Water, to me, indicates a fresh start and a washing away of all the things that no longer bring light. Who wouldn't want that for themselves?

Gogo Maweni had a birthday surprise for her son's fifth birthday and despite her earlier dispute with her twasa, it was really sweet, literally. It was a rainbow cake that he shared with his classmates.

We got to see a glimpse of what will be happening in the next episode and I'm very interested in seeing the healing aspect to the sangoma's. I am always curious to know and learn more.

What do you think of the show?

Thank you for reading!

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