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Makhadzi kept her promise, Take a look at what she did for this guy at Miss SA

There were many who thought the event was rather boring. When Makhadzi took the stage and exposed herself fully in front of the audience, everyone's opinion abruptly shifted. Makhadzi did something else that really blew away South Africans and made them fall in love with her all over again, and that something was dancing like a pro. 

There is a dancing duet on Tiktok that participates in various trends. Makhadzi's maGear was one of the challenges that they participated in. Seun-Stew is the name of the guy who dances while using crutches; he is one of the guys. On July 30th, Makhadzi posted a picture of the two of them to her Facebook account along with a comment about how she hopes to someday meet them. 

Now, at Miss South Africa, Makhadzi offered Seun the chance to perform on stage alongside her as a dance partner. The event as a whole was not only moving but also demonstrated that Makhadzi is, in fact, an icon who flourishes when she boosts the spirits of those around her. 

The fact that she was able to honor her promise of seeing the two of them and really make their wildest fantasies come true demonstrates how unselfish she is. She helps people who would have stayed in the same place if she hadn't done so whenever she has the opportunity. 

It would be an understatement to say that Makhadzi is someone I am proud of. I am overjoyed that she recognized his abilities and helped him pursue his aspirations.



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