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Famous People Who Died On Stage While Entertaining Their Audience(Photos)

Fun is a great way to make us happy, especially when we have our favorite superstars. What we don’t know is that they try to ensure our happiness and satisfaction with what they have in store for us. Some of them go out of their way to do things that might hurt themselves so we can have fun. We heard that some of the performers died on stage.

 The following are some of the names they gave:

 1. Ian Cognito

 Paul John Barbieri, professionally known as Ian Cognito, is a comedian standing in the United Kingdom. She is passionate about her work and she makes sure that any time she goes on stage, she has something special for them. At one point, he joked about suffering a stroke and regained his ability to speak Welsh. Sadly, he collapsed and never regained consciousness. However, the people saw that he was happy and continued to laugh until they examined him and found out that he was dead.

 2. Tommy Cooper

 Thomas Frederick Cooper was a propedian and magician based in the United Kingdom. As a performer, his height is huge and is under 6 feet 4 inches, and he always performs a crimson fez. He does what he loves best, doing magic for his audience. Unfortunately, this was the last thing he did before he knelt down. They found out later that he had a heart attack.

 3. Les Harvey

 Leslie Cameron Harvey was a guitarist in many early 1970s Scottish bands, most notably Rock of Cows. He was electrocuted that night while performing and was already dead.

 4. Irma Blue

 He was a musical sensation, but he preferred to show off his ability with snakes. That night, he walks into a Cobra king unintentionally but refuses to take the antidote, believing it won’t kill him. He continued to work for 45 minutes before collapsing and dying.


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