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Skeem Saam: Kwaito knows The Truth and Has a Nervous Breakdown (24 June 2021)

Kwaito found out that John Maputla is his father after John hold is hand and told him that he is indeed his Father.

Kwaito is not taking this well, he is very devastated by these news he can't stop crying. He's been reminiscing about the past events which he may have missed the signs that John is his father.

After Lizzie finds him crying on 'Wallets favourite rock' he chases her away, and he starts talking about his issues Infront of the whole community watching. He started acting like a mad man and the whole community tried to hold him and put him in Lizzie's car and rushed to hospital where he tells MaNtuli that he now knows who his father is.

While Meiki still can't believe he is John Maputla's Son not until they do a DNA test to prove it, John told Meiki that Charity read his and Kwaito's palm and confirmed that they are indeed related that John is Kwaito's Father, Meiki thinks Charity is ridiculous, only the tests will prove everything.

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