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Congratulations| Quinton asks Dintle to marry him?| Scandal

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Love can be found in very hopeless places. Some accidents may be costly to others, but to some, like Dintle it seems to be a blessing in disguise.We know Dintle for her ambition and her determination. She is one of those people who are willing to do everything they can just to get ahead in life.


The accident that got Quinton to have his memory lost coincidentally came at the best time. Dintle had been looking for an investor in order for her to take over Scandal TV. She looked and asked a couple of people, but it seemed like it wasn't to be untill the father of her child got involved in an accident.

The truth of the matter is that, for all her hard work and dedication, Dintle deserves the bigger things that are coming her way.


As she is gearing up for a wonderful night, she doesn't know what is coming her way. Quinton is getting ready to ask Dintle to marry him. Layla is not fully supportive of the relationship that Dintle and her son are having. She felt better Quinton assured her that Dintle has not been manipulative about the whole thing that they are having together.

Whether or not what Quinton and Dintle are having at the moment will blow up in their faces, we don't know. What matters is the two are happy and they are living in the moment, not just a simple and boring moment, but a beautiful moment full of love and loads of romance.

Both Quinton and Dintle deserve to be happy and if them being together affords them the happiness and satisfaction they require, let them be.


Do you think Quinton will remain with Dintle once his memory comes back fully?

Khanyi Jewel must be having the time of her life. Seeing her parents happy together is the best thing ever. Almost every child wants to grow up with their parents under one roof, not only bound by the child's existence but glued together by love.

How do you think things will turn out for Dintle and Quinton? Will there be a happily ever after?

Let's watch, wait and see!

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