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Celebrities who were a drug addict back then.

We all know that most of celebrities turn to drugs when the pressure is too much for them. We're not judging anyone because we all have our faults. Sometimes when celebrities are confronted about abusing drugs they come up with stories about how people hate them and want to spread fake news just to ruin their image. Well there are those who once used drugs and they came out and admitted using them which is a rare thing in the entertainment industry. Let's check them out.

1. Ricky Rick

Ricky Rick, whose a well known rapper once came clean about how he used to abuse drugs on an interview with Trevor Gumbi. He also shared about how it wasn't easy for people to talk about the abuse of drugs as they're afraid of being judge. He said that his coming out would help others to not hide too. He also shared that sometimes people see him as a perfect being or that being without issues.

2. Trevor Gumbi

Trevor is a well known comedian, who used to abuse drugs back then. He shared that he would do so because of the things he was bottling up. He also shared that it was never too late to come clean and ask for help. He said that being clean of cocaine was the best thing that ever happened to him.

3. Vusi Nova

Vusi is a well known singer who onced abused drugs, he shared the news on Zaziwa. Apparently Vusi would spend from R 500k to R900k on drugs only. His reason behind the abuse was that he was failing to accept the passing of his mother. He would smoke in the morning and later buy another packet in oder to sleep.

4. Kabelo Mabalane

Kabelo who is now a pastor, used to abuse drugs and he would spend R 1 million on them. He shared his story of drug abuse as he knew how it can help someone else who's struggling with the addiction.

5. Kelly Khumalo

Kelly shared about how the beginning of drugs was just a surprise for her then boyfriend. She shared about having a lot of money and not knowing what to do with it. She became an addict when she couldn't deal with life problems. She shared about how the company she kept made her do drugs.

A lesson to whomever may be an addict is that, it's never too late to ask for help or turn things around. These people didn't share their stories for attention but to help those who may be in the same situation now. Get help while you still can, one shouldn't let drugs claim their lives.

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