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Muvhango: Mulalo becomes a blood sacrificial lamb for the royal house

Muvhango : Mulalo becomes a sacrificial lamb for the royal house

Mulalo is one character who has always had to fight to gets everything he wants. We suspect this time around he will fight to get respect from the family.

Mulalo threatens to release a video of himself revealing the Royal House’s secrets. We all know how the important the dignity of the family is, as a result Mulalo might lose his life if he betrays the family.

Phusuphusu and Borosi decide to have him killed to stop him from releasing the video on social media and to use him a human sacrifice. 

We all know how Borosi and Phusuphusu are always up to no good and this time around there is no exception. They will plot to kill Mulalo in order to keep the deepest secrets of the royal house.

Please leave a comment, tell us what you think about Mulalo's mission to betray the royal house. Will he be successful?? Or it will end in blood and tears??

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