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Plot Twist:Amanda Du Pont Reveals Information That Could Land JubJub Back in Jail See here/Opinion


Yesterday episode of McGee hosted Jub Jub presenter of Uyajola 9/9 .Jub Jub came on the show and instead of talking about his life he decided to talk about his exes Kelly Khumalo and Amanda Du pont.

Many people were shocked to learn that Jub Jub once dated Amanda Du Pont They never knew that.But it seem this was a long time ago .Jub Jub even claimed that Kelly was the reason why he and Amanda Du Pont broke up


However the whole interview has taken a turn and could potentially land Jub Jub back in prison .This is after Amanda Du Pont decided to tell her side of the story. In her live on instagram she opened up about everything she went through when she was dating Jub Jub and said that Jub Jub was abusing her and forcing himself on her for the past 2 years and thats she was scared to leave .

Amanda said she regrets not speaking out about the matter now but she will do so from now on .She said she will be taking legal steps against Jub Jub including suing him for defamation of character and opening a rape case against him .With these charges Jub Jub might even ed up going back to jail .

Once again Mc Gee has managed to land another celebrity in hot soup .I dont know what he gives them before the show that makes them to incriminate themselves like this but he must stop .Every celebrity that goes there end up telling on themselves and getting in more trouble after .

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