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Reason why this couple is everybody's favourite at the moment Zodwa and Bongane- OPINION

Gomora is the most watched soapie on DSTV in South Africa. It has been educational on sensitive issues the community won't speak about but rather hide behind the door or swept under the mat. Issues like Gender based violence commited by women, how neglection from parents affect a child, or the challenges children face in school based on their home backgrounds.

On the recent storyline Zodwa a domestic worker and a recovering drunkard has found love in the arms of Bongani. Bongani is a tarven owner married to a teacher. Bongani is in a divorce process with his wife Zolisa after she has continuously refused to use or take her maiden name. She had continued using her birth surname even after being married. I wish all women knew how that breaks their husbands. It proves you're not a submissive wife. The very thing a man seeks from you even commanded in the bible.

Zolisa Bongani's wife comes across as full of her self. In one episode she said " Zodwa isn't Bongani's type, Bongani likes women who are not on his league". That should tell you Bongani's wife has never seen Bongani worthy of her. However it pains her to see him with somebody who is supposedly below her.

Zodwa is uneducated a single mother who lives in a shack. Zolisa is educated who was/is married to a business man. To Zolisa its about status and to Zodwa it is about Love. Zolisa didn't see who Bongani was to her, while to Zodwa he's all she's ever wanted. Bongani even does for Zodwa what he couldn't do for Zolisa because he didn't see the need of being her man. He was unappreciated and has found somewhere he's needed, where he can play his role as a man.

Becareful on how you treat your partner, stop thinking they're just not good enough for you. Life is more than the state of your status. Hope you learn from this Gomora story line.

Some of the opinions of people concerning the storyline:

Be your partner's peace. All in all acknowledge their presence in your life.



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