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Meet Kaya Kazuma - now Mzansi wants this 'Zuma' home

In a twist at the Olympics, Mzansi was astonished to have found a distant relative of former President Jacob Zuma - Kaya Kazuma. The coincidence is that Kaya can be taken to be 'Khaya' and in the ventricular KaZuma would be "son of Zuma" or decedent of Zuma.

"Khaya KaZuma... there is a typo there, they must have misspelled his name," posted on Twitter.

Many went onto Twitter to ask that this Olympian come home and possibly take residence at Nkandla with the other Zuma's.

Kaya Zuma is actually a Japanese athlete, who won a bronze medal in the artistic gymnastics men's pommel horse during the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

It is one of many coincidences where many Japanese words, names and surnames often sound and have similar spellings to many ventricular words.

It is not just coincidences with Zulu words, but similarities have also been noted with Shona and Swahili words. Probably, the Japanese are more African that they think or perhaps Africans themselves are more Japanese than they think.

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