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Justin Bieber tattoos and their meanings

Small cross near eye

When it came to face tattoos, Bieber was ahead of the pack. In 2016, tattoo artist JonBoy told E! News, "I did tattoo a small cross near the corner of Justin's eye." “It was a symbol of his trust in Jesus and his struggle to find meaning in God.”

Large cross

The large cross in the middle of Bieber's chest is one of his most recognizable tattoos. “The cross in the middle of my chest is a symbol of my faith and a reminder of what Jesus went through to put right everything that was wrong,” he explained to Vogue.


Both Justin and his father have the Hebrew name for Jesus, Yeshua, tattooed on their ribcage.

Two angels defeating evil

Bieber hired famed tattoo artist Bang Bang to paint an epic angel combat scene over his stomach, complete with a massive cathedral, skeletons, and other details.

“On either side, we added two angels. They're dominating the evil beneath each one,” artist Bang Bang said of his work to E! News. “Whenever I make an epic piece, I have to include both good and bad elements. There must be a balance... There must be contrast aesthetically. There is a demon beneath each of the angels that must be vanquished. On one side, there's a skeleton, and on the other, there's a serpent.”

“It's emblematic of Gothic art and the conflict between light and dark, good and evil, yin and yang,” the artist continued. I wanted to make sure that the topic matter and graphics contrasted. A tattoo describing his spirituality was the thing that made the most sense to me. His spirit animals, as well as the angels that serve as his guardians. I was attempting to make it quite significant and not disjointed.”

Psalm 119:105

In 2013, Bieber tattooed a Psalm 119:105 statement across his back. "Your word is a beacon for my feet, a light on my way," it says.

Jesus Christ

The pop artist tattooed a picture of Jesus Christ on the back of his right calf in 2012.

Praying hands

A pair of praying hands with roses are wrapped around his left ankle.

"Chi" sign

The “Chi” sign, which depicts Christ, is tucked into his arm sleeve. However, Bieber told GQ that the "X" could have a deeper, more enigmatic meaning: "'X' implies unknown." They may recognize the artist or the shell of me, but not necessarily me.”

Angel wings

Son of God

In 2016, Bieber declared his devotion by tattooing this phrase under his ribs


He revealed the title of his next album by getting it tattooed above his belly button in 2015.


In 2015, he confirmed the name of his new album by getting it tattooed above his belly button


To mark the release of his first album in 2012, Bieber had its title tattooed on his forearm

An owl

An owl was one of his "Believe" era's reoccurring symbols, which he also had tattooed in 2012. He told GQ that it represents knowledge.


Justin adorned his breast with a little crown symbol in 2012, which fans believe is a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Clef treble

This musical symbol can be spotted on his neck, behind his left ear.

Mascot of the Stratford Culliotons

Justin had the insignia of the Canadian junior ice hockey team tattooed on his shoulder blade as a tribute to his grandfather, who used to take him to their games.


When the musician was dealing with a DUI and other tabloid controversies in 2014, he conveyed a statement by getting the word "forgive" tattooed on his hip. 

Romain numerals

Inked Roman numerals signifying his mother Pattie Mallette's birth year of 1975 in 2013.

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