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Divorce Affair

Presly Chweneyage Caught Cheating

Presley Chweneyagae Thuso 'Cobra Mokoena is a problem. He never seems to learn from his mistakes and is often in serious trouble. Refiloes and Cobra were trying to figure things out and give their relationship another chance.

The two of them registered a business and began applying for tenders with the local community. After Mokwepa was shortlisted for subletting, he spoke smoothly to the panel and impressed the minister who had the final say on who would receive the bids. He was awarded the contract, but she wanted more from him. She blackmailed Mokoena into sleeping with her to get more offers. 

After learning that Angelina was dissatisfied with Cobra, she always came home late at night, suspecting that he was cheating on her to keep her at bay, the minister made friends with her on it they were one step ahead of her.  

Taking her to expensive dinners and inviting her to play golf with his wealthy friends without knowing what was going on, he developed a bond with the minister and wanted to thank him for everything he had done for his family. Angelina and the Mokoena wanted to surprise her by preparing her lunch and presents to take with her to her new home. 

Cobra was supposed to pick her up in the new car the minister gave him, but he forgot and spent the afternoon getting naughty the minister so eventually, they asked Makabaza to take her there. To their surprise, they found mokwepas. a new car at the entrance of the minister. As they walked to the front door, Angelina noticed that Cobra was tied up and being whipped by the minister, funny as it looked to the onlookers, she went mad and demanded that they come out. Fearing for their lives, they decided to go into hiding. In the kitchen, Angelina poured gasoline into the minister's vehicle and lit it when she saw they weren't going to leave.

River 1 Magic viewers have used social media to share their thoughts. The character of Angelina is played by Nokuthula Mavuso. The actress recently responded to her spiritual call. “Too many to mention.' Dreaming' while awake. Knowing the names of people you didn't need to know. Things that happened in the past or that will happen in the future. Dreams of herbs etc, ”he said. Mavuso follows in the footsteps of many of the Zalebs who have answered his questions. These include Skeem Saams Mlungisi Math, Letoya Makhene and most recently Toll Ass Mon.


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