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Divorce Affair

SkeemSaam: Leeto plans to leave Turfloop for good, here is reason why


I wish they can say Leeto has a father somewhere there maybe Marothi so that just for Meiki to eat a humbled pie because she's always high like she's on drugs when John mentions Kwaito. She's starting a big fight she don't want to make peace it can be better for Leeto to have a father like Marothi and see whether she'll continue to make this noise and I think she'll want John to understand but now she doesn't understand about Kwaito. It seems she is willing to do anything so that Kwaito doesn't become part of their family, however John wants a relationship with his son more than he wants to fix things with Meiki.

It's not about seeing who experience what and who didn't but you'll have that anger until when you die or divorce the way you put I think divorce is the solution because here I see what you're talking about Meiki must never accept Kwaito until when. Death or maybe divorce if possible like before when John said he wants a divorce because to me in reality a wife hating my child or children my blood is like she hates me, so how am I going to stay with her.

Like I was watching moja love mamazala you know what did that lady say to her children's aunt "how can you talk to my children and tell them to visit you but you're not in talking terms with me" even though the situation is not the same like Meiki's but you can see the hatred of that aunt to the mother. Meiki is not having a pain she hates MaNtuli as a friend for what she did then what did Kwaito do to her to even want to kill him that is cruelty mix up with pain.

Leeto has always Vern on Hus mother's side as he aksi doesn't want Zamo to be part of their family, now that John wants to take him in as his own Leeto.has decided to move to Johannesburg permanently as he can't stand Kwaito being part of his family. Meiki is really cruel she only thinks about herself and her children, she even recruited her children into hating Zamokuhle. She's selfish and cruel that's all like those mothers who want a man to support their children, but they don't want his children near them exactly like that old SABC 2 Tswana drama if you can watch it.

Here in skeem saam Thabo and Leeto are John and Meiki children so she must accept, yes at first I did understand that she was hurt until when no now is no longer a pain now is about that she's cruel even Meiki did you ever see her how she treated Mokgadi and how she treated Mapitsi. You can see that Meiki is cruel and selfish everything is about herself she don't want other children to be happy what kind of a parent is this Meiki?

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