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Idols SA contestant Kevin Maduna is making new moves after the show

Kevin Maduna was one of my favourite contestants on season 17 and rightfully so. He was the star of the show with an amazing voice and remarkable stage presence. It makes sense that he would already be making moves for success.

The road to success is paved with rejection

Kevin was eliminated from the Idols competition when it was the top four, leaving the ladies to battle it out until Berry emerged as the winner. But there was a sense of loss for me and many other social media users at his exit and it looks like we were concerned for nothing. He has already dusted himself off and is booked and busy for the festive season

He will be performing with fellow Idols SA alum Nqobie at a picnic concert. A reunion I'll be jealous to miss. Nqobie was another person who I feel was very talented and very undermined. She was eliminated because people felt like she was favoured by the judges but she didn't deserve to be punished.

Remember his name

However, Kevin also reached out to Phil Mphela, a popular industry insider on Twitter to come to his show and I think that move speaks to his intelligence here. Getting someone with as much reach as Phil to come and watch him at his own show will surely get the word out about his plans.

There has to be some thought that goes into marketing and that is it. If no one with social media power attends your event it might as well be a school concert for your friends and family. This way, a whole lot more people know about it.

Personally, I think he's planting the seeds that will help him to flourish in the future. I can't wait to hear what future songs we will be getting from him and other collabs!

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