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Prince Kaybee apologizes after being exposed for cheating but twitter is not having it.

South African music producer, artist and disc jockey(DJ), Prince kaybee is trending on Twitter after he was exposed for cheating. He posted an apology but the streets of Twitter are not having it.

Prince Kaybee introduced his girlfriend Zola to his mother not soo long ago, he was very open about their relationship and they even post each other. That didn't however stop him from cheating as new pictures of him and another girl circulate on Twitter.

He knew he was caught and he could do was send a public apology on Twitter saying "I cheated, I humiliated my girlfriend publicly. To the people I have disappointed, the businesses I represent, my girlfriend and my Mother I profusely apologise from the bottom of my heart."

The response he got were mixed because some people forgive him while some people are not having it. Someone even went as far as name calling him and wishing that Zola leaves him. She said "I wish Zola leaves you or you lose whatever you love because uyisfebe escwele all over. trash to trashes"

Others believe that he is being entitled " 'I humiliated my girlfriend...' Men are so entitled, how dare you think our self worth as women stems from how you choose to behavior be it good or bad. You humiliated yourself."

Prince Kaybee's situation only proved that a man can be very public about your relationship and still cheat on you, and women can voluntarily be side chicks. We live in a twisted world. I hope Zola heals and does what's best for her.

Would you ever voluntarily be someone's side chick or side dude? If not, why?

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