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Musa and Liesl are using the spectacle of their marriage to inspire change

A scene is characterized as ​​a outwardly striking execution or show. The word has additionally been utilized concerning Liesl Laurie and Musa Mthombeni's marriage. 

The pair opened up to the world about their relationship not long after he proposed and their affection has been in plain view from that point forward, no doubt arousing a lot of inconvenience for some via web-based media. 

In any case, there is no denying the unmatched interest in their relationship – and the couple is very much aware of this. 

On the day that denoted the third month of their marriage, the two of them partook in a board conversation for Carling Black Label's No Excuse occasion this previous week. 

The occasion was an experiential dispatch for the brand's "Lady of the hour Armor" crusade at The Venue in Melrose Arch. 

In view of the disheartening truth that one out of three ladies experience cozy accomplice brutality (IPV), with ladies confronting maltreatment on account of a man who promised to cherish and ensure them, Carling Black Label utilized their continuous #NoExcuse mission to move the concentration to the pledges that men make. To be specific, the assignment of viewing them to be answerable when they break that promise. 

"#NoExcuse accepts that the opportunity has arrived for men to make another promise; a pledge to cherish, ensure and never misuse a lady." 

The Bride Armor crusade dispatch was held in front of the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism period with an end goal to put the spotlight IPV. 

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Carling Black Label dispatched the plan of a wedding outfit canvassed in reinforcement that is intended to be representative of how the normal South African lady lives with the wrecked reality that she really wants to consider shielding herself from her accomplice when going into any heartfelt connection. 

The originator behind the dress is Suzaan Heyns. She made the wedding outfit utilizing information from instances of IPV shared by Lifeline (with the assent of the people in question). 

The dress was divulged in what the brand calls "a moving design film" that was displayed at the dispatch occasion followed by a "style show" of sorts alongside an emblematic wedding service. 

The Bride Armor outfit includes an impenetrable bodice and a fireproof train alongside a scope of plan components painstakingly chose to exhibit the mercilessness experienced by ladies on account of their cozy accomplices. 

Dr Musa Mthombeni, the occasion's host, headed two board conversations, with one highlighting his own lady. 

They sat close by any semblance of Nomsa Papale from Lifeline, inventive expert Nicola Cooper (who worked intimately with Suzaan Heyns), proofreader in-Chief of GQ Magazine Molife Kumona, and compelling couples like Lerato and Phetola Makhetha and Kabelo and Gail Mabalane. 

"Father-A-Nation's Craig Wilkinson was the last individual from the board, giving knowledge into the work #NoExcuse has been doing in networks around South Africa." 

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Disclosing why they decided to engage in this mission, Liesl thought back with regards to she grew up with the longing to one day be an individual of impact so she could take advantage of her leverage to start change on things that tormented individuals that experienced childhood in a spot like the one she experienced childhood in – a municipality. 

"Furthermore, when you at last protest a seat like this, or a position like the one we have now, you must be extremely aware of which missions and which developments you attach your name to," said Liesl. 

She additionally shared how she and Musa had denied different proposals for crusades in the limit as a public couple in view of a discussion they had about the significance of their impact as a team. 

"We have denied different brands since I said to him, and we had the discussion, and he unequivocally made it clear to me too, that our impact as a unit, we will put it behind things of significant substance and things that need to have cultural change." 

"At the point when Musa received that email, he sent it to me and said 'child, I think this is it'. What's more, this is one of many, the first of numerous drives that myself and my significant other will put our names behind to achieve change," clarified the radio personality. 

Adding to what she needed to say, Musa clarified why he will keep on dealing with the mission for years to come, featuring the brand's emphasis on putting men at the focal point of conversations around close accomplice brutality and focusing on their enemy of misuse messages at men who, measurably talking, dispense the greater part of the savagery. 

Another couple who repeated Musa and Liesl's opinions are entertainer Lerato Makhetha and his significant other Phetola. 

Addressing The Citizen, the couple (who additionally shares a YouTube channel) shared why they likewise decided to engage in such a mission. 

Phetola followed it right back to the start of the lockdown where she says the "quietness" of being at home permitted Lerato the space to reflect and it is that reflection that assisted him with drafting in on his motivation. 

"All that he's always felt that he needed to do, at that time, it resembled 'now I realize that I want to do a, b, c as of now.' It was affirmation. That is the thing that I noticed." 

At the point when we previously became mindful of Lerato, he was essential for the SABC3 acting ability search show 'The Final Cut'. He had a negligible online media presence and very little was known with regards to him other than the way that he is the child of Claudine Mofokeng and her better half, Jerry ​​Mofokeng wa Makhetha (Neo Mokhethi and etv's Scandal!). Quick forward to 2021 and he appears to have solidified himself as an entertainer, content maker, extremist and one portion of a stalwart association. 

"What's changed among then, at that point, and presently is that then I was seeking after a profession for self-satisfaction, presently I'm seeking after sway… " added Lerato compactly.How Musa and Liesl are using their marriage to inspire change (

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