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Meet Mzansi Celebs Who Have Diseases That Cannot Be Cured

In our small screen and some, in our big screens, we saw them marvellous with their unparalleled acting skills. But did the actors and actresses know that those conditions of health that cannot be cured have suffered?

They're here:

1-Leleti Khumalo (51 years of age)

The older generations will remember her in Mbongeni Ngema's musical Drama of Sarafina as "Sarafina." Sarafina.

Some may remember her as the sister of Sibusiso Dlomo, Busisiwe Dlomo, from SABC 1's generations. She was cast into many other movies, including Uzalo as Reverend Manzuza's wife.

If you realize, the skin of veteran actresses has lost its dark pigmentation slightly over the years. What she has is a "vitiligo" skin condition. The pigment melanin in the skin causes vitiligo. The skin cells called the melanocytes produce this pigment.

It is the task of giving color to your skin. In vitiligo, the working melanocytes are insufficient in your skin to produce enough melanin. This then causes white and sometimes hair patches to develop on your skin.

2-Alfred Ntombela(49 years of age)

Some people may call him the sidekick of Leon Schuster because of his long working relationship with the funny man. Since the early 90's in Shucks Ntombela has graced our screens! Here's UNTAG, sweet'n short and numerous other shoe movies from Kwagga Strikes Back.

The distinct signature laughing in Ntombela has taken us into our darkened times, but for his short stature and youthful appearance, many people think he's a child but he's not.

He is 49, in fact, only has his growth hormone problem (GH).

3-Warren Masemola(38 years of age)

I believe we all agree that Masemola is an actor of the chameleon! He was a thizozo prisoner on intersexions, a homosexual man on the SABc 1 sitcom Ses'Top La called Thokozani 'Thoko' Chanel. He was an Inumber-Number street thug named G8.

He has no beard or eyebrows. Maybe you never noticed that the award-winning actor is always bald.

It is because Alopecia universalis suffers (AU). A condition causing hair loss. This type of hair loss is different from other alopecia forms. AU causes full scalp and body hair loss.

AU is a kind of areata alopecia. It differs however from localized alopecia areata causing hair loss patches, and alopecia totalis causing only complete hair loss on the scalp. This autoimmune healing condition is sadly not cured.

4-Themba Ntuli (30 years of age)

You've seen him on TV in Rhythm City movies, movies and shows, and he always seemed to be too clever for an eight year old... well, because he's 30.

As with Ntombela, Ntuli suffers from GH problems; GHD, to be precise.

Insufficient amounts of the growth hormone in the body are responsible. GHD children, although their proportions, are abnormally short. GHD may be present or develop later at birth (congenital) (acquired).

5- Sophie Ndaba (48 years of age)

Most people know her because Queen Moroko plays the role of generations. She was also in other major series of SA dramas, like Yizo Yizo and Soul City.

Over the years, Lichaba has lost a lot of weight, because of her diabetes. If insufficient insulin is found in the body, glucose from the blood is prevented from coming in to the body's cells for energy purposes.

When this happens, fat and muscles burn for energy, which causes a decrease in the overall weight of the body.

6- Bonginkosi 'Zola' Dlamini

He made his debut appearance in Yizo Yizo: Season 2 by playing Papa Action. Zola worked on his debut music album Umdlwembe around the same time (2000).

He became a household name in 2002 when he demonstrated the reality Zola 7 on SABC 1.

We saw Zola lose weight quickly over the years. Because they are affected by epilepsy, a central nervous system disorder that leads to an abnormal brain activity, seizures or unusual behaviors, sensations, and sometimes a loss of consciousness.

Felbamate, topiramate and zonisamide are anti-epileptic medicines (AEDs) associated with the weight loss. So they could have caused Zola's loss of weight.

Content created and supplied by: MahlabaSmanga (via Opera News )

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