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Limpopo: Stay Away From SABC Livhu's Affairs With Mia Muofhe See The Reasons Why

SABC Livhu loses support because of misuse embarrassment The organizer of Captain SABC Livhu online TV Livhuwani Madadzhe who is supposedly blamed for manhandling his significant other Lindelani Nengovhela has given an explanation requesting a conciliatory sentiment to his better half. 

On Wednesday, his better half took it to Facebook where she educated the world concerning how Captain SABC Livhu mishandled her genuinely and truly. 

Nengovhela said SABC Livhu once toss his girl into a canine enclosure and said its discipline. 

SABC Livhu has today, took it to Facebook to request absolution for his doing from his significant other, where he said he's upset for the manner in which he treated her. 

"I'm composing this public letter to you on account of how I feel about what I have put you through in the previous 10 years of our marriage. I'm so heartbroken about the manner in which I treated you, the manner in which I used to converse with you," said Capitan SABC Livhu. 

Livhu's better half yesterday said she scarcely goes out, she's in every case inside and when it happened she goes out she needs to return before he returns since she will be at risk for being oppressive. 

It's chance out that he used to control her with regards to making companions she should get his authorization prior to making companions. 

"I'm so grieved about the manner in which I treated you the manner in which I used to converse with you, to decide for you individuals that you should spend time with or Not," he added. 

He continued saying about how his pride interferes with his marriage when he said I ought to have paid attention to you however my pride disrupted the general flow. 

"I wasn't a man enough to assume liability and regard you particularly when you talk about bringing up others' kids," he added.

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