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In Shock: RHOJ Naledi passes on | See cause of death

Although we do not live, eat and breath with celebrities, they play a role in our lives to a point were we even forget that we do not even personally know them. W e often develop this unexplainable one way relationship for celebrities we like and end up considering them our own

With that being said, it now becomes devastating when you lose that one celebrity you love. The pain and hurt is as if you have lost someone really close to you, someone you personally know. This applies to the likes of Shona, Akhumzi, Menzi, Senzo and other celebrities whose death really touched and pained us.

South Africa has yet experienced another loss due to the passing of the TV reality star, Naledi Willers who was on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

The star was really a strong, fierce woman who stood up for what she believed in and did not let anyone disrespect her on the show. Although death is normally unexpected, her death was really sudden and a total shock to many as she did not trend much for being sick or unwell.

As though this was revealed on Instagram by Naledi herself, she was diagnosed with stage 2 triple breast cancer back in November 2019. Naledi has since been silently battling with cancer and she unfortunately succumbed to cancer although she fought till the end. This is so unfortunate as we have lost a lot of people due to cancer and the breaking part is that she was taking her treatment and attending chemotherapy. Surely the government should invest in finding a cure for cancer to help prevent further deaths that happen due to cancer

We will surely remember Naledi for her gorgeousness , her beauty and brains show stopper stylishness, her beautiful smile, her standing for what she believes in even if it results in her being the only one and definitely her courageness in fighting breast cancer and even raising awareness about it.

This is also a lesson for us to stop making bad comments about people who drastically lose weight because we do not know the multitude of the battles they are fighting.

This is such a sad loss for South Africa . May her soul rest in peace and condolences to her family.

How will you remember Naledi? Whose Celebrity deaths have touched you?


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