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Top 10 Blockbuster Movies of Heritage Month

Last month, I hope you enjoyed your Heritage month, that is if you are South African or live in South Africa. If you Hispanic, I hope you enjoying your heritage month this month. As for everyone else I hope you enjoying your Halloween month. In August, 7 movies made their debut into the top 10, however last month, 5 new movies made their impact known on this list. So let’s find out which movies rose and which fell out:


🔟 Copshop (Released September 17 2021) 🆕


9️⃣ Don't Breathe 2 (Released August 13 2021) 🔽


After its debut in August, this action/horror or action/suspense/thriller, honestly I haven’t watched the movie yet. Nor do I plan to. I’m basing all I’ve written about this movie, on its trailer. It’s interesting, but it didn’t fulfil my curiosity. I’m sure it will for you though, or rather it has if you’ve already seen it, despite its descent from the sixth spot.


8️⃣ Cry Macho (Released September 17 2021) 🆕


7️⃣ Dear Evan Hansen (Released September 24 2021) 🆕


6️⃣ Malignant (Released September 10 2021) 🆕


5️⃣ PAW Patrol: The Movie (Released August 20 2021)


Maintaining its hold on the fifth position, this Paramount Pictures animation movie, was clearly of interest to a lot of movie goers last month. Now the only question that is left, is will this movie ascend before it starts its descent?


4️⃣ Jungle Cruise (Released July 30 2021) 🔽


The only movie from July to be in the top 3 in August has officially been knocked down. After debuting in seventh position of the month in which it was released, this movie did well in August, but come last month, its seems it is officially beginning its descent as it clings on to the top 5.


3️⃣ Candyman (Released August 27 2021) 🔼


Moving up one position from its previous placement, this Universal Pictures reboot or continuation, horror movie, made its presence known. One has to wonder if this movie will continue to thrive this Halloween month, considering October is the month of horror and sci-fi genres. Especially when it comes to movies and series.


2️⃣ Free Guy (Released August 13 2021) 🔽


Having debut strong on the first position, of its release month, this 20th Century Studios sci-fi/comedy, was unable to hold onto the golden spot. Once the prestigious spot is claimed, the only way forward is to hold onto it, or rather begin the descent from it. It looks like this movie is headed down the second path.


1️⃣ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings (Released September 3 2021) 🆕


As you have noticed, the 5 biggest movies of July that were knocked out of the top 10 are:


😥 The Suicide Squad

😥 Respect

😥 Old

😥 Black Widow

😥 The Green Knight


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