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MONEY IS GOOD: This Is Not Paradise| Check Out Steve Hofmeyr mansion (Photos)

For most media stations Steve Hofmeyr recently ran the news headlines for not-so-good reasons. He made a number of contentious utterances that made him speak of the city. The artist and actor are so much about you that you could like to know. 

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Steve Hofmeyr isn't currently a new name in the country. He was influential, mainly through his provocative remarks on his Twitter account. He has made posts insinuating that he is racist and they always struggle with him when he makes these things. Perhaps you want to discover why he's been in the press headlines in recent months; 

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Biography of Steve Hofmeyr 

The man who spoke of the city for his contentious words, is more likely to be interested in knowing. These are some of the data concerning him; 

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What is the age of Steve Hofmeyr? 

Born on 29 August 1964, Steve Hofmeyr. Pretoria is his birthplace. Steve Hofmeyr is fifty-four years old. 

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Family Steve Hofmeyr 

In addition to his thriving musical and acting career, Steve Hoffmeyer is also a spouse and a dad. You are his family's details; 

Wife of Steve Hofmeyr 

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In 1998, he married Natasha Sutherland, his wife and his children's mother. Two children were born in their marriage: Sebastian Steve Hofmeyr and Benjamin Hofmeyr. After 10 years of marriage, Steve and Natasha Sutherland later separated in 2008. 

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Steve married Janine Hofmeyr in January 2014. Both received their joyful bundle; Romy-lee in 2017. 

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The other children of Steve Hofmeyr who had left Wedlock were: Charissa, Chantelle Albertyn's mother, Devon Hofmeyr, Noline Fourie's mother, and Armand Hofmeyr, Ansie Moller's mother.

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