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Fans Calling Out Celebs Saying They Are Totally Different In Real Life

"Kevin Hart is a comedian. When he sheds the 'everybody's BFF' character for a minute and is a REAL scumbag to one of his lads, you can see the mask fall a little when he goes on an unjustified tirade about how, 'Without ME, you're NOTHING.' 

"Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef. When I run a kitchen, I curse even more, and it's all a ruse. According to what I've read, he's kept about 85% of his team for more than 15 years... They'd go if he was truly an a-hole

"Most heavy metal rockers are far from melancholy devil worshippers. Alice Cooper is actually a soft-spoken Christian, which I've always found amusing. 

"When Jimmy Fallon doesn't laugh dramatically, he laughs as if he had a sniper pointed at him at all times set to fire. 

"I'm not sure why, but I think Ellen DeGeneres is trying to be someone she's not." Take a look at her interview with the actress from 50 Shades of Grey. [Dakota Johnson] [Dakota Johnson] [Dakota Johnson]

"The Rock appears to be too wonderful to be true to me, but I have nothing to go on except a gut feeling." 

"Benedict Cumberbatch," says the actor. He deliberately avoids displaying any distinguishing characteristics, and we know very little about him. It takes a special kind of talent. Congratulations, BC. 

"J.Lo. Something tells me she isn't who she appears to be."

"Some of the features of Samuel L. Jackson's earlier performances were so successful that he successfully constructed them into his entire career persona." 

"Ariana Grande," says the narrator. She's merely pretending to be someone else in public. At home, I'm sure she's not even close to the same person." 

"Kanye. He's a well-trained entertainer. I can't believe he's really like that." 

"Ryan Reynolds," Something about him has always struck me as 'odd.'


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