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BLACKCOFFEE: I will come back after they are done twerking

At his response, DJ Black Coffee was asked by Bayanda Mncedi when he was coming back to South Africa, and he made it clear that he was only coming back home if South African men or gents were done with their twerking challenge, which is having a lot of support around the country at the moment.


His response took social media by a huge amount of surprise and was met with laughter expressed throughout the timeline. Considering the people who are part of the challenge making it more fascinating, it takes the whole challenge to another expected turn.

Oskido is one person who has been in the music industry for a long time and he participated, which took him to the trending topics on Twitter. According to Black Coffee, they are doing a twerking challenge even though it is Umlando and it is more loved when it comes from men.


Since he said they are doing a twerk challenge, it means all of them are twerking, and one person who shared a video clip Oskido, doing the challenge. It is a fun challenge that has brought new faces into the music world who have made a name for themselves despite the fact that their challenge has received criticism.


1. Dali: Even your Grootman Oskido is twerking.

2. Uyamawam: I believe you can twerk better than them.

3. Kgomotso: I am sure @RealMarumoDrive can put together a video of Black Coffee doing the challenge.

4. Anele: Finally, someone has said it. 

5. Thapelo: This means you are not coming back because Oskido is part of the challenge.


He is surely not sure when he is coming back to South Africa or he is just trying to make a joke out of the challenge. If it is a joke, he has successfully nailed it for those who have read his tweet reply. Even though there is someone who loves to see him doing the challenge, he does not look interested in the challenge.

What are your thoughts?

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