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My Father Had 30 Kids And I Had My Own Car At Age 23, We’re Not Broke – Beverly Afaglo

Hollywood actress and businesswoman Beverly Afaglo has said unequivocally that what she claimed in her viral video, "I am not broke," is the gospel truth. Beverly Afaglo has stated unequivocally that what she said in her viral video, "I am not broke," is the gospel truth. In both her position and her words, the actress remains firm. She is a landlady, her father was wealthy, and she is not in financial straits.

Beverly Afaglo appeared as a guest on United Showbiz, where she reiterated her opinion on her viral video while also explaining the circumstances that led to her outburst. Even if she didn't lie in the video, the actress said that such braggadocio was out of character for her role. She said that she felt compelled to take such extreme measures since her marriage was under siege at the time.

Because I didn't lie, I'm not going to withdraw my remark at any time or on any day. The fact that Ghanaians are distorting this narrative makes me sad. First and first, they didn't even begin to discuss the purpose for why I made this movie in the first place. My marriage has been under siege for some time. I was on a radio program, I can't remember which one, and the presenter inquired as to why I was spending so much time in London these days. Furthermore, rumors have it that I may be accompanied by a partner or girlfriend who will pay for my ticket.

It was written on her Instagram profile, which has since been removed, that she was "in love."

"At first, I assumed it was a joke." The next thing you know, it's been published in tabloids and on websites all over the world. And I thought to myself, "What sort of joke is this?" What is the cost of a plane ticket to London? The way they speak about me makes it seem like I'm jobless or unable to buy a plane ticket. What is the point of having a guy sponsor me before I can travel? As a result, I became enraged and felt the need to express myself."

Beverly recounted occasions in which she had the chance to flaunt on social media, but she did not take advantage of the opportunity. When it came to this situation, her marriage of 18 years was on the line. And she is ready to go to any length to maintain the peace and stability of the country.

"I've been behind the wheel since I was 23 years old. I've never showed anybody my vehicle before. My home has never been open to the public. I have never worn anything that was provided to me as an influencer in exchange for promoting a product. I'm not the kind to do things like that. So the fact that I went to the trouble of spelling things out like that should have shown you where I was coming from. You were criticizing my marriage, and I was attempting to convince you that I put in a lot of effort at work."

Beverly Afaglo, who appeared in the viral video, maintained that everything she stated was genuine in her interview.

"I'm not going to backtrack on it. I'm not going to alter anything. If I claimed my father was wealthy, I would be correct; he was wealthy. That was never a falsehood on my part. My father has thirty children. So, if I claim that he owns many properties that are shared by thirty individuals, how much would I really receive? And if I claim I'm a landlady, I didn't make up my story. Is it possible for me to be a landlady even if I just possess a single room and collect rent from it? As a result, I didn't tell any lies."


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