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OPINION: Is He the Next 007

Big decisions await Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson as Daniel Craig bids farewell to the James Bond character. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson are the current owners of the James Bond Franchise.

The James Bond Franchise is the longest running franchise in Cinema history, having had been started by Harry Saltzman and Albert Cubby Broccoli ( Barbara Broccoli father) 59 years ago. That was during the Cold War. Since then much has changed, meaning the James Bond Franchise must change in order to adapt to how the World view and do things.

Movie-goers from all over the World, including some James Bond fans, believe that Non- British and Non-White Males, including Females, should now also be considered for the role of James Bond. It's is interesting to note that all the actors who have played the role of James Bond, are European White Males.

Idris Elba name was at one point thrown around as the man suitable to step into Daniel Craig' shoes. But of late Idris Elba has developed an indifferent attitude towards playing the British Secret Service Agent. Jennifer Lawrence ( Hunger Games) was also at one point favoured to be the first Female to take over the role of James Bond. Six to nine Males are lined up as potential replacement of Daniel Craig, Idris Elba and Rege- Jean Page included. There are no Females on the list however.

Let's take a close look at the Political Correctness of a Non- British and Non-White playing the British Super Spy role. The man who inspired Ian Fleming ( author of James Bond novels) to create the James Bond character , was an English man called Yeo- Thomas, who an MI6 Spy ( Special Operations Executive Agent) during World War 2. Ian Fleming was also a MI6 Spy , fro time to time he would come across yeo-Thomas reports. And it was from reading those reports that he got inspired to create his own fictional Spy and named it James Bond. So it is quite clear that the man who inspired Ian Fleming's creation of James Bond, was a British White Male.

The question now becomes, will The British Intelligence Services welcome the idea of having a Black Male take over the role of James, considering the fact that James Bond is a White Thing.

Will the James Bond Franchise owners adapt to the changes and disregard the past, and focus in the future by giving Non-British and Non-White a chance to play this iconic role of the British Super Spy. What about Females...

Being the longest running franchise in history, I truly believe that Barbara Broccoli and her partner Michael G Wilson know that if you don't adapt to the changing environment, you die. They didn't come this far without knowing what to do when things around them change.

Just like Nelson Mandela, James Bond now belongs to the World, he is no longer a British Secret Services property.

Can't wait to hear, a Deep Black Voice saying the words, My name is Bond, James Bond.

Hope I'm not alone on this one.

Content created and supplied by: Khotsogm (via Opera News )

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