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Umndeni: Maseko Threatens To Slap Nkanyezi On National TV And Viewers Are Not Happy

Some things just cannot be left unaddressed, and the viewers had to shine the spotlight on this particular issue right here, there have been talks about how Nkanyezi is not wanted at the Maseko household, viewers finally got to see that in the latest episode.

There is a lot that happens on the show that people just ignore, but it was expected that, what happened on Saturday night would be the reason why the show is trending this time around.

The viewers simply made it clear that they did not appreciate the way Maseko was talking to Nkanyezi and definitely did not appreciate him, threatening to slap her on National TV. Judging by how Maseko was talking to Nkanyezi, one could tell he was mad at her about everything that had happened during the time when they were separated.

Earlier on in the show, Nkanyezi confesses to Maseko, she tells him that, when they fought, she needed a shoulder to cry on and there was a guy who goes by the name Mametja who asked her out and one thing led to another.

She fell pregnant and later on did an abortion, after Maseko heard this, he was trying to contain his emotions, but then, there was this one scene where he lost it.

As you might have seen, the girlfriend of Mametja went to the Maseko household to reveal what she knows about the whole thing and she was also there to confront Nkanyezi.

The lady assured Nkanyezi that she can never ruin what she has with Mametja and apparently, there is a child in the picture, Mametja was cheating on his baby mama.

The lady mentioned that she would call Mametja sometimes to ask him to buy things for the child and Nkanyezi would be the one who answers the phone. According to the lady, Nkanyezi would even offer to buy things for the child, basically, Nkanyezi wanted to do this with money she got from Maseko.

Now, as the lady is revealing all these things, Nkanyezi constantly interjects and Maseko just kept on telling her that she should keep quiet.

But Nkanyezi and the lady kept going back and forth and this is when Maseko lashed out and told Nkanyezi that he will slap her if she does not shut up. Right now, it seems like things are not looking good for Maseko, the viewers could not believe that he would threaten Nkanyezi the way he did.

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