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TV Presenter Found Out She Has HIV At The Age Of 22, Read Below To Know Everything

Honey TV mediator Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba (31) has created a letter to her 22-year-old self, telling her the thing may be expressed going's to happen in her life.

Nozibele sorted out she was HIV positive at 22 and she said it was a troublesome stretch for her.

Now that she's made it and has transformed into a first in class maker, TV mediator, and award winning YouTuber, she's telling 22-year-old her not to exorbitantly push.

"Dear Nozi, I am your future. It's the fifteenth of August 2013. At some point tonight, you will get unexpected news. Your life, all things considered will out of the blue change. While participating in the prosperity day event, the chaperon will tell you that no doubt about it," she made.

"It will not have all the earmarks of being genuine. In your genuine Nozi style, you will find every inspiration to feel that the results are misdirecting and endeavor to exhibit anyway. The test unit likely been broken? Researchers ensure that the quick test is practically 100 percent precise. Maybe you're the lucky 1%? Nothing based on what was recently referenced. You are without a doubt HIV positive," she continued.

Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba

In the letter, she continued to tell 22-year-old Nozi that change won't sort out essentially unintentionally, yet she should hold tight.

"The accompanying several years will be outstandingly terrible kid. You won't experience torture like you ever have beforehand. You will have a couple of breakdowns and it'll feel like you'll never act normally. Regardless, I want to tell you that it'll be okay. It will get to the next level. This won't work out pretty much unintentionally, Nozi. Go through all of the periods of the disturbance and feel. Logically, you WILL be okay," made Nozi.

"Following nine years, a lot of things have happened. You are presently a first in class maker, TV have, podcaster, award winning YouTuber and social business visionary. Yaassss, wena senseless. Look how you have used a comparable story, a comparable irritation, the very same thing you thought would kill you, to accomplish change. You distinctly influence numerous people," she created.

Nozi is also the host of Honey TV's new show, Yes, I Have HIV. She helps people who with expecting to reveal their HIV status to their families and colleagues.


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