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What Is Happening With Vusi Nova? You Can't Even Recognize That This Is Him? He Has Changed So Much

This things of mid life crisis might be true after all, look at what is happening with Vusi Nova. Vusi has changed his look about 3 times just this month alone and people are getting worried that something might be actually happening with him.

We live in a free country where everyone is allowed to do whatever that they want to do, especially with their bodies. No one can really tell you what and what not to do with your body, however it gets alarming if you change yourself to a point that it becomes a challenge for people to recognize you.

Vusi Nova has changed so much that it is so difficult to recognize him with this new look, you actually have to stare more than twice to make sure that it is actually him that you are seeing. This is why many people are worried because vusi Nova is in the entertainment industry so why would he change his look to a point that even his fans cannot recognize him.

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