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At 44 She Was Most Probably The Baddest 44-Year-Old You'd Ever See And Here's Why.

Date || 09 October 2021

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One thing that most people fear is the idea of getting old. A lot of people associate being older with always being tired, your body not looking the way that it looked when you were in your 20's, etc. However, there have been a couple of people that have proven that getting old is not necessarily associated with those stereotypes and, this is because they are still fit and do quite a lot of stuff than we would expect them to. 

One of the people who has proven that age is just nothing but a number is actress, Taraji P Henson. Taraji is an award-winning actress, and ever since she graced our tv screens, she has looked nothing but amazing and it seems like she's not going to stop looking amazing anytime soon. Taraji has hit the age of 51 years old but she doesn't look a day over 25. Her body is still amazing which shows that she takes good care of most probably by eating healthy and exercising. 

Photo credit: Instagram 

Now, not to say because she has grown up ever since she was 44 years old doesn't mean that she still doesn't look great or anything but at the age of 44, she was most probably the baddest 44 year old you would have ever met. Taraji's body was honestly sickening and it literally looked like she worked out every single day of her life until she had turned that age. Also, her style included a lot of body-hugging dresses that complemented her body well. 

Photo credit: Instagram 

As I have mentioned above, Taraji still has one of the most amazing bodies ever but it seems like, with age, her sense of style has changed a bit as she nowadays doesn't rock a lot of body-hugging dresses as she used to when she was 44 years old. This, however, doesn't mean that Taraji can't still rock those body-hugging dresses anymore as her body still allows her to, it's just that she now most probably prefers a different style compared to then.

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram

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