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EMBARASSING: Mamkhize Was Given A Certificate From A Fake College

Mamkhize is a South African millionaire who is not shy about showing the world that she has enough money to maintain herself as well as her dreams, and is able to get anything she wants. She gained a lot of popularity by having a reality show called "kwaMamkhize" that focuses on sharing her life with South Africans, what it is she does for a living and how she got to the point of being so rich.

Mamkhize is also an active member of social media, where she frequently shares her happy life with her followers.The millionaire has also proven that even though she has money, she still thinks about the less fortunate and has decided to help many with some of the things they struggle with in life.

She also recently got into sports, buying a football club, which her aim is to make grow and have it become the biggest football club in the country. Because Mamkhize is such an active member of social media, she recently began trebling after being awarded an honorary degree in philosophy for all she does.Happy Mamkhize shared the news with users on social media and even said people should address her as Dr. Mkhize.

But it seems like that title has not lasted for long because it was later revealed that the college that honoured her is not registered, so the certificate she was given is not valid. The institution that honoured her also had no authority to issue a PHD doctorate in philosophy. Mamkhize was so happy to have been honoured that she even went on social media and shared a long post with her parents about being a doctor now, and even had a celebratory dinner.

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