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Seputla Sebogodi is expected to turn the tables on The River

Seputla Sebogodi is expected to bring more drama on a television display, The River. Seputla will start appearing in few weeks to come back.


Seputla can be playing the function of Mohumi who's Tumi's real father. Mohumi can be coming to barter with Lindiwe approximately their baby. Isolezwe resources found out that matters will turn sour for Lindiwe because of the advent of Mohumi.

"What i'm able to tell you is that the what the enthusiasts should expect is precisely what makes them enjoy their main display. The storyline between Mohumi, Lindiwe and Tumi will deliver lots of drama as a way to wake the history of what went down before Tumi became satisfied." Says the supply.


Seputla is apparently no longer the best new cast member however there's two more who will start acting after him. "This season could be introducing a number of of latest faces. There may be no wonder in any respect if we see the display fashion on Social Media."

Lucky Mangela of Mzansi Magic did not deny or agree that there may be new faces but he stated they may be going to release a announcement soon to let the visitors recognise what to expect from the show.

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