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The Goodnews Segment| Congratulations Centtwinz

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TSRMNews has introduced a new segment called The Goodnews Segment. TGS will focus on celebrities who have shared their wins with their followers and fans alike over a period of time. These articles will include milestones and inspirational news meant to uplift you, the reader. This is also to that in every season, no matter how tough things get; there is progress being made.

Why Celebrities?

These are people who share parts of their lives, whether good or bad (we are choosing to focus on the good). They share what they share to educate, entertain and inspire. Now, that is exactly what makes the moments they share NEWS WORTHY!

Welcome to The Goodnews Alert. On this article we are going to shine the spotlight on the Centtwinz.

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The Centtwinz are a pair of gorgeous identical twins. Namely, Millicent Mashile and Innocent Sadiki.

Nugget: Identical twins are also known as monozygotic twins. They result from the fertilization of a single egg that splits in two. Identical twins share all their genes and are always of the same sex.

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In this particular article, we focus on what the pair has shared as achievements and milestones they have reached so far in 2021.

There is an undeniable chemistry and bond between the Centtwinz. They are well aware of this truth and they are using it to their advantage.

The twins have a serious presence on the socials. This was seen when they shared on their Centtwinz Facebook Page (which has about 12K+ followers) that in 2020 they had received 1 Million likes on their Centtwinz Instagram Account which is currently sitting on about 314K followers and counting.

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The 33 year old pair shared beautiful snaps prior to their virtual birthday party which was held on Instagram. This was on the 30th of January 2021 (The twins were born on the 30th of January 1988).

The Centtwinz pride themselves in dreaming big, working hard, remaining focused and slaying goals. These are driven young women who didn't have it easy but didn't let circumstances determine the narrative. They revealed this when they shared great news that the both of them are now Honours Degree holders (April 18, 2021).

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On May 4th, the Centtwinz celebrated 100K subscribers on the Centtwinz TV YouTube channel. They showed gratitude to their viewers from all over the world and guests who had been part of their journey & shared their stories.

According to these gifted and blessed content creators who have produced shows that are close to their hearts, they posted their first YouTube video on 31st August 2018 and as they say, the rest is history. 

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Recently (27-28 August 2021), the Centtwinz continued their celebration of 100K Subs on YouTube as they have finally received their YouTube Creator Award (The YouTube Play Buttons or Silver Plaque). Their YouTube channel is currently having 113K subscribers. They have posted 140 videos.

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The Centtwinz are clearly blessed to be a blessing to others. Through their CENTTWINZDRIVE on May 28th the twins drove around Mamelodi (their hometown). They identified young ladies whom they believe in, love and will support academically. According to the twins, after the Matric results come out, they have something exciting planned for the 100 girls.

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The Centtwinz are clearly having a blissful 2021. In July, they reached 300K followers on Instagram and in August; they shared that one of them is pregnant.

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The two are living their best lives and we are looking forward to more & more milestone moments and beautiful exploits reveals.

Centtwinz on YouTube:

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