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Fans stunned after The bomb rsa AKA Andiswa Selepe revealed she actually has no car

It seems the youngster is not actually living the life people out to think she is living, the young DJ melzi fiancée or wife to be has no car, it came as a disappointment as she revealed it. Andiswa Selepe is a South African influencer that has a million followers on her Instagram, and a lot of fake Facebook accounts because everyone just wants to catfish man with her pictures.

The well known young lady on the 01 of july 2022 introduced a Question and answer poll on her Instagram stories. It goes as people ask her questions and she replies, then one of her followers ask her to show them her Car then she revealed she actually had no car.

Here is the trending question and answer poll from her Instagram post to show that indeed she answered that.

aThe above picture is of Andiswa fan’s thought that maybe since her husband to be Dj melzi has close to 3 cars he would have given her one. But that doesn’t seem to be the case definitely its a bummer.

Here are more pictures of her driving a car and next to cars and she doesn’t even own one.

Source : Instagram social media platform

The link to the post:

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