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Date My Family: The Camera Caught This And People Were Reacting To The Picture After Seeing This!

My family trended on twitter last night's episode of Date. It was all so much, a lot took people by surprise but that was a perfect way to respond to the display that was doing the round on twitter.

One illustration that has drawn some people's interest is the first one, only if you wonder why, I don't know why. It seems like people are about to do something as shown on the picture above.

It is now familiar for the people to always stand by their phones next them when watching the TV. They normal wait for anything weird to take place so that they can have screenshots to share on twitter and joke around about them.

Date my family had been shared a lot on twitter were by people where laughing off all the scandals that take place on the show, but then since the coronavirus had started it seems like the habit of screenshotting the TV screen went more familiar then before as people were stucked in their house not allowed to go out.

See the reactions of the people below.

We have seen South Africans making fun of the president of the county Cyril Ramaphosa were by he was also the victim of the screenshotting team.

What do you think of this? Is it a good thing to do or it shouldn't be done at all? Comment below, like and share with friends on Facebook.

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