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Nontle begins to question her sexuality as she spends more time with corrupted Tamryn.

By now not only the viewers have taken notice of the newcomer Tamryn(stage actress Danica de la Rey). The other residents in the commune have noticed her to but not in a good way, as drama seems to follow her, but Tamryn is about to course more than just trouble especially for confused little Nontle (Buntu Petse).

Nontle is still struggling to accept her recent experience like watching her dad Tau (Rapulana Seiphemo) being arrested for murder in September. Before that she was also kidnapped by the man she thought was her father. It's a miracle that Nontle isn't completely falling apart, but Buntu hint that there is a possibility.

" She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Since father went to prison she's been doing s lots of thinking about what happens in prison and how people are treated there". Buntu explains

As Nontle spends a lots of time around Tamryn and end up noticing that she sees Tamryn differently. " they are with each other a lots of time, but Tamryn is affectionate towards her". Buntu reveals. This lives Nontle confused. 

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