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My Husband Kept A URN And Tells His Mistress I'm Dead, When Explaining My Pictures Around The House

Wife: "My husband kept a urn and told his mistress I'm dead , when explaining my pictures around the house." This man is very extreme when it comes to cheating, how can he lie to his side chicks and say that his wife is dead. Also use a URN to show them fake ashes, this is really unusual.. men cheat but not like this. I wonder how his wife feels about being labelled dead to strangers, it’s so cruel of him.

I do not know how but this woman must teach him a lesson, he passed the limit… this is way unnecessary. Can’t he at least cheat away from home so that he won’t have to lie about his wife being dead. What is the necessity of even cheating, it’s really not on! Why not sit each other down and talk about what/how you would like each other to behave? Tell your wife how you would like her to dress for you at home, how you like your food made… any reason that would make you cheat, make your wife do it. Same applies to women!

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