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Mzansi Is Left In Jealous After Seeing Justice & Lindiwe Doing This In #LoveyDovey

Mzansi Is Left In Jealous After Seeing Justice & Lindiwe Doing This In #LoveyDovey 

Source: Hashtag #LoveyDovey157 twitter page an Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

Mzansi has loved Lindiwe and Justice. Lindiwe is already looking like a MaMfundisi. Lindiwe have dressed out just to met her in laws. This is how you should dress when you go to meet parents for the first time. Lindiwe really looking like Mma Moruti, the two deserve watch other.

Honestly for me Lindiwe and bab’Mfundisi deserve to win this, what they have is real. They have decided that whether they win or not they are official together and they are going to get married. The couple deserve to win, hands down they are not forcing anything it os natural. Justice and Lindiwe are in this for the right reasons, they're into each other, they're actually the best couple.

Justice's family is happy were so happy to see Lindiwe as their daughter in law. It's beautiful to watch as Justice's mother has been waiting to see her daughter in law. She has been complaining why Justice was not getting married. His mother were worried because she is old and her peers have daughter in law and grandchildren.

Family of justice is so loving, Lindiwe is so lucky, and her kids are lucky no drama detected. I like the fact the Lindiwe wants Justice’s family to know about her 2 kids from the beginning. Honestly is the best policy so that when time goes, they shouldn’t be surprised about the kids.

Mzansi has been praying for Justice and Lindiwe to win because they are thr only hope compred to other couples. At first we thought Lilanga and Romeo deserve to win but after seeing Lindiwe and Justice, they are our hope. In last episode, Lilanga was not sure whether she and Romeo will last. She asked opinions from other mates which shows that she has some doubts with their relationship. 

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