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Lasizwe an openly gay media personality shares fantasy of having a baby with a woman

Lasizwe shared this as one of his wildest fantasies that he would chew a woman and get her pragnent

As a guest on Sanelley Moonchilds you tube chanel the Madness Method Lasizwe went on to share that the mother of the baby would not be South African.

The reason being that he would like to have mixed race kids as he believes they are the most beatiful kids in the world

The other fantasy of Lasizwe would be getting married he claims that if he gets to do these two things then he would know that he lived his life to the fullest

He went on to praise the Ferguson's, Connie and late husband Shona and claims thats the kind of love he wishes for as the two loved each other so much

Lasizwe went on to say that thank god that hes gay because if he was straight he probably would have had three kids by now

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